Red Wine


Thomas Jefferson once said, "Good wine is a necessity of life for me," and set out on a mission to make the Potomac region rival France as the producer of premier wines. Now, some 200-odd years later, the DMV area is indeed a winemaking hub,  home to hundreds of unique wineries. Explore those wineries, their histories and their wines here.


Tips & Tricks for Dry January

It's healthy to take a break from alcohol every now and then, and few times offer a better opportunity to do so than January.

Wine Tasting 101

You don't have to be a master sommelier to properly do a wine tasting.


About Me

My name is Lisa and I grew up in western Maryland. After moving away for college and spending a few years living and working in Florida, I've recently returned to the D.C. area (hellooo traffic!) I'm truly passionate about wine and have traveled to some of the most notable winemaking regions of the world, including Napa and Bordeaux, but there's no place like home, and I look forward to sharing the DMV's incredible vino, vintners and vineyards with you!


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